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Tips & tricks: Getting your music on Spotify


You've been busy creating your masterpiece in your bedroom and now you want to show the world your music, so what next? 

With so many streaming services on the market, it can be difficult to choose which platform might be right for you and your sounds. While some are clearly more supportive of independent artists than others, cough cough Bandcamp, we recommend getting your music on as many platforms as possible. Why limit your exposure and the audience that could discover you? 

We'll be running through the accessibility of all of the dominant streaming services in the coming months, but to start with, we're going to begin with one of the most dominant streaming services on the market. That is of course, Spotify.

Spotify reported 271 million active users at the end of 2019. That’s a lot of people who could potentially fall in love with your music! So read on as we uncover the steps you need to follow to get your music on the Swedish music streaming platform.

Step 1: Work with a distributor

Spotify doesn’t allow you to upload your track directly onto their platform. They instead ask you to work with a distributor, who handles your music licensing, distribution, and pay streaming royalties.

If you're signed to a record label, then they should have a distributor in place for you. But if you're an independent artist, you'll need to find and upload your music to a distributor yourself.

Most distributors will charge a fee or commission on your royalties. Each service is unique, so do a little research before picking one. Spotify have listed their preferred distributors that meet our highest standards for quality metadata and anti-infringement measures. Check their list of distributors out here.

Extra tip: We recommend Distrokid.

Step 2: Managing your Spotify artist profile

Once your music is on Spotify, you can learn more about where your music lives, and where fans can discover more about you via Spotify for Artists.

Here you can add artist images, write your bio, create artist playlists and more.

There are a couple of ways to sign up. The first is to visit the Spotify for Artists page (once your music is on Spotify) and claim your profile. Alternatively you can upload music via one of Spotify’s preferred providers and you will automatically get access.

Step 3: Learning how you get paid by Spotify

Spotify doesn't actually pay you directly for your streaming royalties. This is in fact handled by your chosen music distributor. Each distributor will vary in its rates and agreements with artists, offering for example a one time setup fee, an ongoing subscription fee or a continuing percentage of net receipts.

It's best to do your research on this one, and the different kinds of agreements that will work best for you.

It's not entirely clear how much Spotify pays per stream generally known to pay between $.003 and $.005 per stream, meaning you'll need about 250 streams to make a dollar.


Once you are ready with your music, follow the steps above and you should be well on your way to getting your Spotify profile set up.

Our key takeaway from this is to do your homework on which distributor could be right for you.

We hope you find this helpful. Make sure to check back to our blog for more tips and tricks on promoting your music.

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