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Take a trip through Hemlock's catalogue with Shanghai producer, Laughing Ears


With classics from Bruce, Airhead, Ploy, James Blake and more.

When asked about her Laughing Ears project by Groove Magazine, Shanghai artist Li Jingping states it's all about "thinking outside the box". It comes as no surprise then, that her inimitable take on gargantuan, twisted, experimental club sounds lands her amongst alien outfits like Infinite Machine, Ran Music and Air Max 97's DECISIONS label.

Following the drop of her recent album ‘Blood’, Jingping sets sail for more alien territory, arriving at Untold's Hemlock, one of the UK's most prominent electric labels of the modern era. Home to many a wonky club classic, it's a natural fit for the Shanghai producer's new three track EP, Losing Track. Landing today on Bandcamp, we celebrate the release by asking Jingping to give us a rundown of her favourite releases across Hemlock's vast discography.

Check out the EP and Jingping's Hemlock selections below.

Losing Track EP by Laughing Ears is out now on Hemlock.

Order it here.

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