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SWAYer of the week: BrazeyOnTha’Beat


Tuck into the rap beats of this week's SWAYer, BrazeyOnTha’Beat.

An up and coming artist, BrazeyOnTha’Beat makes rap music for a new generation.

Hailing from South Africa, he was born and raised in the small town of Paarl.

Brazey started making and writing music at the age of 17, and truly fell in love with rap music after a friend played him Lil Wayne's 'Upgrade U'. While beginning to find his own voice, Brazey also looked to the styles of Future, Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia to help shape his sonic palette.

One of our earliest adopters, we were thrilled when Brazey accepted our offer to curate a playlist of his own beats and sounds.

Listen to his playlist below and be sure to look out for him making noise on SWAY.

Download the trial version of SWAY for both Android and iPhone now via the homepage of website here.

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