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Red Snapper's Richard Thair shares his drum influences


From Billy Cobham and Tony Allen to Autechre and Moses Boyd...

Rich Thair has been composing and producing music professionally since 1990. During the '90s he released numerous dance music records and was a member of the Aloof who released two albums for Warner Brothers.

He was a founding member of seminal band Red Snapper, producing four albums for Warp Records and two for Lo Recordings. They continue to play live shows around the globe and have recently returned with a brand new single, 'B Planet'. Over the years Rich has remixed the likes of Garbage, David Holmes, Howie B, Archive and Lamb.

He has produced a number of albums including Zoe Bicat, Kings Of The Day and De Dudes.

Richard - "I could keep going with this list, here are is a combination of tracks that influenced me when I was learning as a nipper but also as my career has developed, live, jazz, funk, rock, surf, afro, dub, electronic... all as important as each other."

B Planet by Red Snapper is out now.

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