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Get to know: Rubii

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Hailing from Bristol, Rubii is a 20-year-old producer whose style comes described by Dummy mag as "wholly, technicolour, and unique".

Rubii has worked with and produced for artists such as Kish!, virgil HAWKINS, Leo Bhanji and Just Harry. Combining electronic vocals with spaced out synths and catchy melodies, his sound is like no other. Throughout his career he has amassed over 2 million streams and received support from Spotify, appearing on playlists such as 'Fresh Finds: Pop' and 'Focus Flow', as well as radio play from various BBC stations including 1Xtra, Radio Bristol and Asian Network.

Emerging on SoundCloud in 2016, Rubii released EP's such as 'Intuition' produced by Ivan, the Damage, and many singles before releasing his first full-length mixtape 'Thousand Miles Away' in 2019. Throughout 2020 he dropped memorable singles such as 'Near So Far', as well as producing tracks like 'Rolling Stone' from Just Harry's debut 'My World'. Beginning 2021 on a high note with 'Burnt Out' and 'B4LONG', Rubii prepares to release his latest project further into the year.

We catch up with the Bristolian for a quick q & a, discussing some of his favourite tracks and what advice he'd give producers starting out.

Can you introduce yourself to the SWAY community

I'm Rubii, a 20 year old electropop artist and producer from Bristol gearing up to release my "Time Flies" EP this summer.

What is your go to track on a Sunday morning?

No Rome - Spinning (ft. Charli XCX & The 1975)

Which track gets you ready for the party?

Vybz Kartel – Nuh Fraid A Nobody

Which track is playing in your headphones on the night bus home?

The Clash - Rock the Casbah

Which guilty pleasure are you proud of?

Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now

What piece of advice would you give a fellow artist at the start of their music career?

Push the boundary and make what music is true to you. Your inspirations aren't your audience.

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