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Download a public trial for SWAY now


If you haven't heard the news, where have you been?

We now have a public trial for SWAY. If you don't have access already, you can sign up via the homepage of our website. But be quick! There are a limited number of seats.

Before you do jump on, you should know that our current build is a super-early version. We’re primarily taking this opportunity to see how our technology behaves with lots of people using SWAY at the same time. Over the coming month, we’ll be fixing a lot of the hidden parts and adding some really exciting features that will make it easier than ever to listen and share.

I want to give a few tips for those of you who already have access to get even more out of SWAY.

Our navigation menu is at the top of the screen; you can use it to access key pages. If you want to search for a friend or a song, pull the Navbar down. This will work wherever you are in the app.

Download SWAY now.

You'll find search bars in My Music and the Friend's List; these search music and friends exclusively.

Once you’ve searched for a song, click it to begin playing. If you want to add more songs to the song queue, swipe the song right, and click the pink icon.

Or, if you want to add the song to a playlist, swipe it left. Once you do, you can confirm, or add more songs to that playlist.

Now that you have a song playing, you’ll see the player at the bottom of the screen.

Tap it or drag up to open the large player. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the song controls.

If you tap the left icon, you’ll broadcast your song queue, and if you tap the right icon, you'll open your music page.

Download SWAY now.

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