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Dorian Concept: Studio Essentials


Brainfeeder’s synth whizz talks his essential machines.

Since first becoming a YouTube sensation 13 years ago with video footage of himself fooling around on a Micro Korg, Austrian synth whizz and producer Oliver Johnson, aka Dorian Concept, has continued to dazzle analogue obsessives and the wider electronic scene with his unconventional approach to music creation.

With a natural ability to express himself through machines and a colourful sonic palette that draws from jazz, funk, hip-hop, ambient and beyond, Oliver brings a level of musicianship and ultimately a singular voice to the underground dance community he often finds himself a part of.

Often among fellow aliens as a staple of LA’s Brainfeeder crew, the Flying Lotus led label is where the majority of Oliver’s music instead conceived. Here, we find Oliver in his home studio, sharing two essential pieces of machinery for his wizardry.

Moog Prodigy

"This one’s the grandmother. I use it mainly for bass as the triangle waveform just sounds insane in the lows. Obviously there’s fun stuff you can also do when you detune both Oscillators, but this synth really “shines” when used right in the low-ends I feel. Just be sure to give it enough space!

It’s funny, because we tend to think that an instrument needs to be versatile or complex in the way that it can be used. But often it just needs to have some kind of irreplaceable quality about it for me to become part of the family. Still haven’t found a bass as clean and warm as this one."

Roland SH-101

"The SH-101 is like the kitchen knife in my arsenal of synths as it always finds a way to cut through the mix. I tend to make very dense music and after hours and hours of stacking layers the SH-10 often feels like the one synth that’ll help me tie it all together.

Besides that I just love how easy it is to play and mess with. And it sounds amazing when overdubbed with itself. It has become the main solo-instrument for my live-shows as well. Waiting for my fusion-rock-guitar-dad phase before using it with the modulation-grip tho."

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Originally featured by Hyponik

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