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10 of Manchester's finest, according to Ceeow


UK Hip-hop and jazz wordsmith Ceeow has been grafting away for over five years now, cementing himself as one of the major new talents in UK soul and building a sound that echoes ever more loudly across the country.

It comes as no surprise that Ceeow's music is getting the recognition it deserves. His sonic palette has continued to sharpen with each collaboration and solo EP, while his blissful 2020 debut album, The Garden, fully saw him come into his own.

When he's not creating music, Ceeow is an advocate for mental health support, working closely with people’s recovery and wellbeing as well in a behavioural needs unit. Mental resilience is something he practises daily, holding contentment and happiness in the highest regard. These are qualities that naturally permeate his music.

While Ceeow was raised in Birmingham, he's now a staple of the ever-growing Soul scene blossoming from Manchester. So who better to direct us through the sounds of city's talents.

With music from Chunky, The Mouse Outfit, Victoria Jane, Secret Night Gang and more. Tuck into Ceeow's playlist below.

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